Automating Transfer Credit Notifications Using Argos

by Evisions


At colleges and universities, transfer students often ask two very important questions: “How will I know when my credits are transferred?” and “How do I know how each course transferred?”

Learn how Southern Utah University (SUU) uses Evisions Argos to answer those questions. In this on demand webinar, SUU discusses how they made their Transfer Equivalency sheet available to students 24/7 through their mySUU portal, and how they automated the communication sent to students to notify them that their credits have been evaluated.

This webinar is presented by Kristin Wiggins, Interim Registrar, Southern Utah University

Video - Argos Improves Reporting in the Controller's Office

Southern Utah discusses how Argos enabled them to create more complete reports, saved them time in compiling those reports, and improved the satisfaction of their auditors.

On Demand Webinar - Increase Efficiency by Leveraging Argos

Learn how Samford University consolidated data from over twenty different Banner pages to provide a single dashboard for Student Financial Services personnel.

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