Building Better Data Governance

by Evisions


‘Data Governance’ is a term that can cause even the most data-conscious institutions to shudder. But it doesn’t have to be scary or daunting. A little planning, paired with governance tools, can go a long way towards your campus better understanding and utilizing your data.

In this on demand webinar we talk about best practices around starting the governance conversation at your campus. Then, we highlight some areas in which Evisions Professional Services can assist, followed by a review of the features in Argos that can help standardize data governance practices.

eBook - An Exploration of Data Governance

Gain a better understanding of what data governance is. Learn how you can assess your current data governance processes. Discover what steps you can take to build trust in your data

Blog - Using Maturity Models for Data Validation in Higher Education

The maturity model is an assessment of the data governance program using measures. Such measurement enables you to determine what stage the organization is in and how you are progressing over time.

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