Strategic Convergence: Fusing IT and IR to Tackle a Changing Higher Ed

by Evisions


Arkansas State University Mid-South, within the past few years, combined their IT and Institutional Research departments. Doing so enabled them to address staffing issues and share skills across areas that often operate separately. This, in turn, allowed them to maximize effectiveness and create an opportunity to build a robust department despite limited funding.

In this webinar, Dr. Michael Lejman, Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Research and Effectiveness at ASU Mid-South, looks at key aspects of this departmental reconfiguration. They include:

  • The circumstances and changes they were seeing – at the institution, with technology, and within Higher Ed – that led them to this decision.
  • The benefits seen so far in the IT/IR combination (what they’ve been able to accomplish; the opportunities it’s opened; etc.).
  • The role of Argos – how it helps this combined team when it comes to reporting and other key functional tasks that might otherwise be difficult to accomplish given limited resources.

Realizing that most colleges and universities can’t simply combine their IT and IR departments, one of the goals of this webinar is to provide insight and spark ideas on ways these two areas can work together to address issues and develop solutions to the ‘limited resources’ challenge affecting Higher Education today.

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