System and District Reporting With Argos

by Evisions


Many public institutions must submit regular reports to a district or system office. Not only is this done to maintain accurate records, but it’s required in order to receive state and federal funding.

In this on demand webinar, Bettsie Montero (Senior Computer Programmer & Data Analyst at Imperial Valley College) discusses how and why they use Evisions Argos to generate the reports required each term by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. Whether it’s for Financial Aid, HR, Student Success, or other functional areas, IVC uses Argos to collect key data from Ellucian Banner and other systems used on campus – all in one central location, and all in a format ready to be uploaded to the Office’s Management Information Systems Data Mart.

Video - Using Argos Dashboards for Multi-Campus Reporting

Francisco Cáceres tells why Argos was selected and then used to create reporting dashboards for all of the campuses that comprise the Ana G. Méndez University System in Puerto Rico.

Case Study - West Virginia Network

Encouraging Collaboration with Streamlined Reporting from Argos

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