UNCA Goes from ‘Red Alert’ to On-Time Alerts With Evisions Argos

by Evisions


The University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNCA) had a process in place to alert a student, as well as their advisor, when that student’s grades were not meeting the necessary performance levels. However, the process was manual, extremely time consuming, and prone to errors. What good was this process if the information wasn’t reaching students and advisors in a timely manner and if the information wasn’t always 100% accurate?

To address this, UNCA turned to Evisions Argos, its enterprise reporting solution. One of Argos’s key capabilities is that it allows you to automate and schedule reports and tasks – including emails. UNC Asheville used this to create a process that provided on-time and accurate alerts.

Cale Burell, Applications Systems Analyst at UNCA, goes through the process before and after Argos; dives into the set-up of the process in Argos; examines the improvements & benefits they’ve seen; and discusses other ways they use Argos’s scheduling feature to optimize practices and reduce staff workload.

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