Budget Reporting With Argos

by Evisions


Whether it’s the business world or Higher Education, having an up-to-date and accurate budget is vital. Therefore, it’s equally important to be able to view real-time budget numbers and/or view regular budget reports, depending on your role.

Morrie Walworth, CFO at Lake Superior State University, walks through an Argos dashboard he created to provide a clear-cut view of budgets, adjustments, and actuals for anything on campus, along with budget histories. Learn how he uses it to provide an accurate real-time look at various departments and accounts, and how it gives him a way to identify potential budgeting errors. In addition, he reviews a monthly banded report that gives each budget manager on campus an up-to-date picture of their respective budget.

Lastly, Morrie goes through a semi-daily email notification he created in Argos to let people know they have a P.O. in their queue to approve. These notifications have helped the Purchasing Department significantly reduce P.O. processing time.

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