Data HealthCheck: Tips to Monitor & Govern Your Data

by Evisions


Rhoni Ryan (Director, Administrative Information Systems) and Patrick Kelly (Associate Director, Administrative Information Systems), from Swarthmore College, share their story of how Institutional Research (IR) and Information Technology (IT) collaborated to keep their patient (aka data) healthy. In this specific case, the patient was the college’s Admissions and Enrollment data.

By watching this webinar, you’ll learn about:
– Data Governance Structures & Processes: From the Ideal to the Pragmatic
– Using Evisions Argos (Enterprise Reporting Solution) to help monitor vital signs so that you may prevent problems before they become crises.
– Next Steps and Ideas to help improve data health across the organization…and beyond.

On Demand Webinar - Building Better Data Governance

First, a look at best practices around starting the governance conversation at your campus. Then, we highlight some areas in which Evisions Professional Services and Argos can assist.

Video - Solving Data Quality Issues with Argos

Patrick Kelly, Associate Director, Admin. Information Services at Swarthmore College, chats about their use of Evisions Argos to address data quality issues, specifically how they’ve built dashboards to continually monitor data quality and not have to wait until a crisis occurs.

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